Canal Market Dedication Event

Nearly two years after plans were announced, the Canal Market District is almost complete.

But before the first farmers market June 3, the Thomas J. Evans Foundation is holding a dedication Friday to celebrate the many people and organizations that have made the district happen.

“We have constructed the physical space, but there are so many community partners who are making it come alive,” said Jennifer Roberts, administrative director of the Evans foundation.

Friday’s event will include something for everyone. The Works is providing a children’s activity and the Licking County Historic Jail is offering discounted tours. The event will include performances from the Granville Steel Drum Band, Columbus-based singer Emma Cooper Peterson with Newark’s Tom Atha on guitar, Newark nativeBarefoot McCoy and Nashville-based band Humming House throughout the evening.

The Evans Foundation has coordinated with the Downtown Newark Association, which is having its Food Truck Festival that day. More than 20 food trucks will be set up on South Third Street near the market plaza starting at 11 a.m. Friday and will stay open through the evening. The east side of the market plaza will have picnic tables set up for people to eat while the west side of the plaza will host a beer and wine garden with locally produced drinks.

While the primary purpose of the district will be hosting farmers markets twice a week from June through the end of October, the Evans foundation wanted people to see the district can be used for all types of events.

“We want people to envision what could happen here going forward,” she said. “We want to draw people to Newark to strengthen our downtown businesses and this opportunity to kind of showcase how it can be used.”

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